Posted April 7, 2015 by DinawitaySL in Entertainment

(Video) Is Tammy Torres Wayne’s Ex “Girlfriend” That Allegedly Banged Drake


The book that Wayne is said to release came up again a few weeks ago. One of the major part of his journal…where the book will come from…was the entry when Weezy writes that his girl at the time banged Drake and how Drizzy came to visit him at Riker’s and told him so. Could it really be Miami model Tammy Torres like people think??

Well, according to Tammy, she’s got no idea what Wayne is talking about, but she does have the goods on who’s better in bed.
Have you ever kissed and told? Naughty, naughty. Check out the gallery to see some pics of the juicy Ms. Torres. You can certainly see why whatever happened happened… #ijs