Posted February 2, 2015 by Joe Casey in Sports

(Video) NFL: This Was Freaky! Madden Simulation Basically Predicted Super Bowl Perfectly

I am sure this Madden simulation will have conspiracy theorists buzzing if they haven’t started already.

The Madden simulation of Super Bowl 49 was released earlier in the day before the big game and it had the Patriots winning 28-24!

Now the fact it predicted the final score is cool but not all that amazing. It was the other details that made the simulation feel eerily real.

It had the Patriots scoring first which they did. It had the game tied up at 14-14, which it was. It then had Seattle take a 17-14 lead before expanding it to a 24-14 lead, again which they did!

The simulation then had Brady drive the Pats down the field twice in the fourth quarter to first make the score 24-21, and then to take the lead and win 28-24. It even had the final touchdown being a pass from Brady to Julian Edelamn in the very late moments of the game!

The only thing the simulation had that didn’t happen was they had Revis making an interception and it didn’t have the final play, which was a game saving interception by Malcolm Butler. Aside from that it was pretty dead on which is truly freaky and will have people paying close attention to next year’s simulation.

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Joe Casey