No matter the event, one of the most difficult parts of understanding when it comes to photography is the type of photo booth you need. It is surprising to many the types of photo booths that can be installed when it comes to looks, size and other functionalities as one of the most popular ones which is gaining popularity is the open-air photo booth. It is important that one understands the basic difference between the two major types of photo booth allowing to decide for oneself, which is the better option.

Closed photo booths

This is the traditional photo booth which has been around forever as it has a very familiar face to the booth people know and love. This photo booth is one which has been around for years, and it has a very hard traditional appeal which is very hard to resist. As there is a lot one can do with these kinds of photography can be done behind the closed curtains as it brings you back to high school. One of the best pros of these kinds of photo booth is the fact that it is much smaller and can also work as a selfie station. The background, camera, curtains and posing space can all be modified to everyone’s liking. A closed photo booth can also encourage one to bring in the people who are afraid of large crowds into the picture as it provides for a safe space. There is also a photo booth which is rental and can have certain odds and props which can be added on to make sure that each and every picture comes out the best. Also, one can lure people into these photo booths by installing a sign which can lure in the audience.

Open Air Photo Booth

Open Air Photo Booth is one which is left with an enclosure as the booth itself is just a narrower version of the photos which can be taken from a distance. There are many photo booths which can be taken on different occasions and venues which can be decided on later. As it is an open booth, the foot space is quite smaller than a traditional booth which sits in a very small corner as one of the major benefits is that it does not clutter. Unlike traditional booth, this is one small photo corner which will allow you to have a select background which accommodating more than six people in one frame. This is one type of booth which allows being accessible to all. Another fun aspect of an open booth is that it allows you to chose any kind of backdrop what you wish as it makes the whole event appear more fun.