Famous Musicians Who Died in Plane Crashes

Famous Musicians Who Died in Plane Crashes

Musicians do a lot of traveling and so they are at a much greater risk of being involved in aviation accidents as compared to the normal people out there. Private jets, inadequately trained pilots, and inclement weather combine together for causing these types of disasters from time to time. Below, we have mentioned several of those aviation mishaps that have claimed the lives of the top 5 noted musicians over the years.

  1. Buddy Holly

Although Buddy Holly had been a pioneer in rock music, he was a famous country singer too. He passed away on 3rd February 1959, when a chartered plane which was transporting him to a show to be held in Moorhead, Minn. from another show in Clear Lake, Iowa crashed in Mason City located in Iowa after a short while from taking off in rough climatic conditions. Ritchie Valens and the pilot were also killed along with Holly. However, the bass player of the band whose name was Waylon Jennings did not board the plane since he volunteered to go by private bus so that Valens would be able to ride the aircraft. This incident haunted Jennings until the last day of his life.

  1. Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline is regarded as one of the biggest stars in country music with a number of classic hits such as “Crazy”, “Walkin’ After Midnight” and so on. However, Patsy perished unfortunately in a small plane crash in the year 1963 outside Camden, Tenn. The aircraft which was carrying her was caught in the midst of a torrential downpour when she was returning from a show in Kansas City to Nashville.

  1. Cowboy Copas

Copas had been another renowned country singer who stole the limelight during the 1940s. He was nicknamed “The Country Gentleman of Song” and was one of the members of the Grand Ole Opry. Unfortunately, he met his demise on the same day which took the life of Patsy Cline and he was on board the same plane that was carrying Patsy.

  1. Will Rogers

Rogers was very fond of flying and was traveling around the world on a private jet along with his close buddy, aviator Wiley Post. They halted for a brief period on 15th August 1935 at Walakpa Bay located in the south of Barrow in Alaska. Sadly, following this, the aircraft stalled shortly after taking off and crashed into a nearby river killing both of them.

  1. Aaliyah

Aaliyah was a noted American actress, singer plus model. However, she was also yet another reputed musician who lost her life due to a small plane crash. Amazing considering how many people were wondering ” but what IS Netjets? ” After finishing filming a music video in the Bahamas she was returning back to Miami when the unfortunate incident took place. The plane was overloaded since the crew persisted on bringing all the heavy equipment back on the same flight rather than sending it on another plane. Moreover, the pilot whose name was Luis Morales faked his documents citing that he had already flown 100s of hours. Also, he was under the influence of cocaine and alcohol while flying the plane and all these factors were responsible for the plane crash that saw the tragic death of Aaliyah.…