Posted July 7, 2015 by Joe Casey in Sports

Sports: Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski Says He Was Scared To Death When He Met Beyonce


When Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski sat down with WRAL’s Jeff Gravley and 99.9 The Fan’s Joe Ovies in Raleigh for a special town hall event, the mood was laid back enough for the five-time national champion to open up about life well beyond the basketball court.

There was some basketball talk, ranging from Coach K’s thoughts on the 2015-16 team, the results of the recent NBA Draft and a joking jab at the Los Angeles Lakers, but the lasting headline from the event was a reflection on Krzyzewski’s meeting with Beyonce at LeBron James’ SI Sportsman of the Year ceremony.

“I wanted to meet her,” Krzyzewski said of Queen Bey. “She was sitting … well Jay-Z was sitting next to me and Beyonce was there. I said, ‘Doesn’t he know about boy-girl-boy?'”

After taking a picture with LeBron and Jay-Z, Krzyzewski said his “street cred” was through the roof. With confidence peaking, the Duke head coach approached Beyonce.

I have to meet her. I say, ‘I’m Coach K’ and she says ‘Coach I just heard you speak for 10 minutes I know who you are.’ So I felt, like, 13. Then I asked her something I really hardly ever ask anyone. I asked her, ‘Will you take a picture with me.'”

With the picture pulled up on nearby monitor, Krzyzewski looked at his face in the moment, “It was me being petrified, but she’s cool.”

Diehard fans of Duke, Beyonce and Coach K-Beyonce interactions will remember that Krzyzewski first spoke of this interaction in Sept. 2013. His re-telling hasn’t changed much since then (I imagine it’s a great cocktail party tale), except for the addition of the boy-girl-boy joke and dropping the line that he’s “madly in love” in Beyonce.



Joe Casey