Posted July 11, 2015 by Joe Casey in Sports

(Photos) NFL: Orlando Scandrick Comes At Draya Again & Her Fans Attack Him


Things are at severe petty levels right now between Draya & her now former fiancée, Orlando Scandrick. The drama started early in the week and has intensified, leading to both of their emotions being all over the place as you might expect. Today again we have another round of shots fired between the two of them.

Orlando didn’t take kindly to a post Draya made about guys having money and still being corny. He jumped in her comments section quick and she shot right back just as fast.

This all comes after the engagement being called off by Orlando and taking the ring back that cost him $400K! All types of rumors started after that about the engagement never being real to begin with, to Orlando cancelling her because he found pics of Jameis Winston in her phone. By the end of the week they had resorted to name calling and jabs being thrown and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Looks like Drays has some “stans” as they were all over Orlando’s pictures with “corn” emoji’s since he caught feelings about Draya’s comment so fast.

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