Posted June 17, 2015 by Joe Casey in Sports

(Video) NBA: Warriors Fans Celebrating Title Turns Into Brawls & Madness In The Bay Area

Warriors fans got their fill of celebrating last night since they haven’t been able to do so in 40 years, but some of them as usual we too far.

It was chaos in Oakland Tuesday night with Golden State Warriors fans brawling in the streets — and one fan insanely jumping off a street sign and it was all caught on video.

No word why the crowd started fighting but it was pretty violent, as you can see in footage captured by Todd Johnson of the SFBusinessTimes.

Todd also rolled as some crazy fan scaled a street sign and leaped into the arms of waiting Warriors fans who, thankfully, caught him.

The man appeared to be okay and continued to rage in the streets.

Oakland PD tells TMZ Sports there were two arrests and eight citations, for various violations. There were no reported incidents of vandalism to businesses.

This guy is lucky people caught him


Joe Casey