Posted June 6, 2015 by Joe Casey in Sports

(Video) NBA: Today In Sports History, Allen Iverson Drops 48 Points & Punks Tyrone Lue


June 6th, 2001 is a day most NBA fans will never forget.

It was game one of the NBA Finals with the Lakers vs 76ers. The bull Iverson was trying to carry his sixers against a much bigger and better Lakers team with Shaq & Kobe Bryant.

On this day though, the Sixers won and shocked a lot of people, but Tyrone Lue, who was on the Lakers at that time and now is currently an assistant with the Cavs, probably hates the day more than anyone because it was the day he was put on a poster forever in the minds of fans, courtesy of Iverson.

The level of disrespect that Iverson looked down at Lue with is what forever stays with me!! Not too mention the epic 48 points Iverson dropped that night.


Joe Casey