Posted May 26, 2015 by DinawitaySL in Uncategorized

(Video) Drake Changes His Song “Madonna” To “Rihanna” At Houston Concert


If you haven’t heard about the little tift that Madonna and Drake have had going on since Coachella, you’re not really missing a lot. Now, Drake decided to change his song entitled “Madonna” to “Rihanna” during the Houston leg of his Jungle Tour.

It must really suck to look up to an idol so much that you write a song about them…and then be disappointed. Oh well. I still wonder what was going on with Madonna’s mouth that made Drake damned near vomit…lol.

So Madonna couldn’t let his dis ride…she’s been talking smack about him too. Flash forward to Drake’s performance at The Toyota Center in Houston, TX. Instead of singing “Madonna”, Drizzy sang “Rihanna” which was accepted wildly by the fans.

Kick my dog, I kill your cat…#IJS smh…lol