Posted May 28, 2015 by DinawitaySL in Entertainment

(Photo) Drama Over Jay-Z’s Tidal Employees’ Skin Color


Hypocrisy is such an ugly, ugly thing. That’s just what some claim that Jay is projecting with an office full of white faces at his new business venture and his opinion of how the black community is not supporting him.

TMZ reports that there is “black rage” in the aftermath of Jay’s video attacking Spotify and YouTube which speaks to the wrongs of the black community…but in a photo posted on his wife’s website, there are only 2 black faces to be seen at their Tidal business offices…them. Check the gallery for the pic and brush up on Jay’s freestyle below. Black rage? Mmmmm…

You be the judge…just remember that what may often appear as one thing may be something else…due diligence is your friend.