Posted April 15, 2015 by Joe Casey in Entertainment

Tour Bus Driver Says Lil Wayne Tried To Kill Him, Held Against His Own Will


Lil Wayne is facing a lawsuit from a tour bus driver who claims not only did Weezy hold him against his own will, he pointed a gun in his face and threatened to kill him.

The alleged incident went down last summer as the tour bus driver was driving Wayne and his crew just outside of Buffalo, NY.

The driver, Mark Jones says ,he stopped for gas and for some reason it incensed Wayne to the point he started cursing and yelling at the driver. Jones claimed he felt scared so he actually just started driving again without even putting gas in the bus.

But he says Wayne kept his tirade going, threatening to pistol whip him, “whip [his] ass” and finish the job by killing him.

The bus driver says At that point Jones says things escalated, Wayne came at him with a gun, cocked it at close range and demanded, “I want to get to the hotel now.”

Jones claims he was fearful for his life so he did what Wayne said and didn’t say another word until they reached the hotel. Jones is suing for false imprisonment, assault and emotional distress

Still, it is very odd this lawsuit is just happening now if this alleged incident took place close to a year ago.



Joe Casey