Posted April 27, 2015 by Joe Casey in Sports

NBA: Scottie Pippen’s Daughter Arrested For Peeing In Hotel Lobby After Drunken Night


Sierra Pippen, the 20 year old daughter of NBA legend Scottie Pippen, was arrested earlier this morning for drunkenly peeing in a hotel lobby.

Sierra, an undergrad at the University of Iowa, was charged with public urination and public intoxication, and then was released from jail around 10 a.m. on Sunday, after posting $500 bond.

Employees at the Sheraton in Iowa City, located a walkable distance from Pippen’s college campus, called police after the eldest of the ex-Bull’s children relieved herself in the hotel lobby and left. The report added that Pippen was arrested at the same location on April 10 after getting into a verbal altercation with hotel security while intoxicated.

Cops found Pippen near the hotel with “bloodshot, watery eyes” and “impaired speech and balance,” according to the police report, which added that she smelled of alcohol.

Pippen refused to participate in field sobriety tests and a post-arrest preliminary breath test, while accusing an officer of “being racist,” the report said.



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