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(Photos) NBA: Nick Young Tweets Threats To ESPN Anchor Who Said Iggy Is Killing Hip Hop


When are people going to learn. If you really don’t want people to see what you say online, then don’t hit send to begin with. Soon as it hits the web, it is there forever, because no matter how fast you rethink your choice and hit delete, someone was already snapping a screenshot before you do.

Nick Young may find himself in hot water after he tweeted, then deleted some threatening sounding tweets directed at ESPN’s Robert Flores.

Flores made some headlines today when he said during a segment on Sportscenter that Iggy was killing hip hop.

We got a few laughs out of it, but apparently Nick Young was furious and felt like Flores was overstepping his boundaries within his job. You have to expect Nick to defend his girl, but it’s not like Flores was lying when he said it.

Young tweeted a couple times that he was going to see Flores and that they have a problem and there was no joking with the tone of the tweets. They are deleted now but we got them for you.

If you can’t control yourself when it comes to social media then just stay away from it, a problem that both Iggy and Nick seem to share.

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