Posted March 2, 2015 by PeterEboliSL in Sports

(Photos) NBA: Harden Anointed As The New “King James” via Rockets’ Twitter!


Yesterday, the Houston Rockets were able to overcome the Cleveland Cavaliers in a nail biter of a game, winning by the score of 105-103 in overtime. Following the victory, the team decided to make a bold statement by tweeting out a picture of James Harden, which included his game stats, the final score and captioned it “King James.”

During the aforementioned game, Harden and LeBron battled throughout and momentum swung from being in one player’s favor to the other over and over again. Harden went for 33 points, while LeBron topped him by scoring 37 points. Even though LeBron won the individual point battle, Harden’s contributions (33 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists) helped propel his team past King James and the streaking Cleveland Cavaliers. This led to anointment of Harden as the new King James via the team’s Twitter account and it shows that they believe Harden has elevated his game this year. Besides just being mentioned in MVP talks, the team’s brass believes his name should be mentioned when who’s the best player is being discussed from now on.