Posted March 3, 2015 by Joe Casey in Sports

NBA: He Won’t Back Down! ESPN’s Robert Flores Fires Another Shot At Nick Young!


The drama continues today between Iggy Azalea, Nick Young and ESPN’s Robert Flores, after a very interesting day yesterday.

Flores had everyone laughing when he straight up dissed Iggy during Sportscenter, saying while Nick was on vacation and was almost killed by dolphins, his girl Iggy is killing hip hop so things even out.

Many of us found it funny that Iggy’s terrible but profitable rap career was even being dissed in public by mainstream media.

Nick Young was not among the people who thought it was funny and proceeded to seriously threaten Flores via twitter, saying he was gonna run into him before deleting the tweets of course.

Well Flores must not take Swaggy too seriously because he threw another shot at him this morning on ESPN’s Sedano and Stink show and made a mockery of Young’s shooting percentage.

“If you look at his numbers, there is a 70% chance that—if he takes a shot at me—he’s going to miss. I’m just looking at the numbers, so I’m good” said Flores.

That comeback is too funny and I am sure will only get under Nick and Iggy’s skin a little more cause now he is just clowning on them.

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Joe Casey