Posted February 27, 2015 by PeterEboliSL in Sports

(Video) NBA: Warriors’ Draymond Green Viciously Slam Dunks Over Cavs’ Center, Timofey Mozgov!


The highly anticipated game between the Warriors and the Cavaliers took place last night in Cleveland, Ohio. Neither team really dominated the first half, however, Cleveland seemed to pull away once the third quarter began. Golden State’s forward, Draymond Green, tried his hardest to alter that shift in momentum.

Golden State was down by 16 points (79-63,) when Stephen Curry made a beautiful bounce pass to Green, who was making his way to the lane. He caught the pass, jumped in the air and threw down a monstrous slam dunk over Cleveland’s 7-foot plus center, Timofey Mozgov. Unfortunately, for the Warriors the jam wasn’t able to swing the game’s momentum in their favor and they eventually went on to lose the game by 11 points.