Posted February 24, 2015 by PeterEboliSL in Sports

(Video) NBA: Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kobe What He Thinks Of His Teammates’ Behavior Following A Meaningless Victory


Last night, injured Lakers’ star, Kobe Bryant made an appearance on Live With Jimmy Kimmel to discuss his future, the direction the Lakers are headed in and the sport of basketball as a whole. The late-night talk show host couldn’t wait to show Bryant a clip of his Lakers’ teammates (Jeremy Lin, Jordan Hill and Nick Young) celebrating a win , after losing the previous 7 and to get his feedback.

The Black Mamba’s reaction was priceless! He actually didn’t even bother uttering a spoken word, instead he just gave the late-night talk show studio audience a stare, as if they knew Bryant wouldn’t approve of such foolishness. Kimmel caught on right away and bursted out into laughter, nearly coming to tears.