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(Photos) NBA: Swaggy Can’t Save Her! Iggy Azalea Leaves Social Media After Jokes On Her A**


If you do not have tough skin, then social media may not be the best place for you to interact.

Iggy Azalea sometimes gets herself into trouble on twitter because she doesn’t know how to shut the hell up and ignore people trolling her.

In this case, she didn’t argue with people dissing her backside, she just got emotional and announced she was leaving twitter instead, smh.

Pictures surfaced yesterday of her and Nick vacationing in Hawaii and let’s just say the pictures weren’t exactly flattering of her ass. Especially since her booty is one of the things that has supposedly kept her famous.

She looked like she needed some sun and photoshop. Now there is nothing wrong with cellulite on a woman, but it goes to show how insecure these stars are when untouched pictures are seen by the public.

Get a grip Iggy, let Nick give you a swaggy pep talk and you will be ok.

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