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J.Cole Talks “Fire Squad” And Wanting To Sign Kendick Lamar

_sl stunna life jcole 6.
_sl stunna life jcole 6.

J.Cole recently sat down for a discussion on The Combat Jack Show. During the sit down he elaborated on many things. Cole most recent album “2014 Forest Hill Drive” was released without promotion and still sold big numbers. Jay-Z was digging the album, Cole adds

“We had a crazy talk it just so happened my album was about everything we talked about…He gave me amazing feedback on the album.”

J. Cole did not diss Eminem on “Fire Squad”

“I’d never go at Eminem,” he confesses. “It’s not even Iggy Azalea’s fault, she’s chasing her dream. It doesn’t matter the quality of her music but I have to comment, it’s my job to tell you what’s on my mind in the slickest way ever…When history is told Macklemore is in them books, Iggy Azalea’s in them books.”

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole met back in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. They both share a high lyrical respect for each other.

“I wanted to sign this nigga,” Cole says. ” I was like ‘who the fuck is a Top Dawg?’ Then it turned into some shit where he blew the fuck up and reached levels that I haven’t reached. I didn’t know that nigga’ would go platinum before me.”

Full Discussion can be heard here.