Posted January 19, 2015 by TheCommishSL in New Music

Eminem May Drop A Record In 2015/ Must See Live Performance

I have been searching ever since I first saw the rumor, and every site I check says the same. There is a rumor floating around out there the Rap God, may be dropping a record this year titled “Roots.”

Eminem has been going back in time, you could say back to his roots of music with his last two releases.

Dr. Dre, and Xzibit are expected to be two of the guest spots on the record. @Eminem is expected to make the announcement at the Grammy’s next month.

Em is my number one so I wish this rumor is true, and would love to see what Marshall thinks about today’s society and the turn it’s taking in the recent months.

You will know more when i know more. For now Stan’s check out the array of pictures in the gallery, and go and cope the “Shady XV,” record it will hold you over, and their are some gems on there trust me, if you are a true fan you wont be disappointed.

To keep you salivating at the mouth, check the video above, it’s Eminem live in LA at a Dr. Dre event. The live band and intimate atmosphere breath new life into some Hip-Hop classics, it’s a must watch.

Source:Hip-Hop Vibe