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(Photos) Sports: Would You Pay $300,00 For This Hat & $30,000 For Kicks? Someone Did & Here Is Why!


Well damn, that is some serious money to drop on a baseball hat and some sneakers.

But this hat and sneakers aren’t just some everyday thing you can get. The Hat was worn by babe Ruth in 1934 and the sneakers in question were worn by Michael Jordan during his freshman season at UNC.

The Hat was worn by Ruth in 1934 during some exhibition games over in Japan. The purpose of the games was to ease tension between the United States and Japan, but obviously since World War 2 happened a few years later, it didn’t work. But still the hat itself brought in $303,277 at auction!

The converse kicks worn by MJ during the 1981-82 season at UNC fetched $33,378 at the same auction. The sky blue sneakers are beat up now, but still make a nice piece of any collection.

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