Posted December 3, 2014 by Joe Casey in Sports

(Photo) Boxing: Is 50 Cent Trying To Provoke Floyd Mayweather With Picture Of His Sister?


We all know 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are far from the best of friends they used to be, and at times their relationship is hard to define at all.

With that said it appears to fans that 50 is trying to throw subs at Floyd after he posted a picture with Floyd’s sister.

Why else would 50 post a picture with the sister of a “used to be friend” and go as far as to tag Floyd in the picture?

On the surface it could be seen as that but Fif’ says it’s not like that at all.

As an update of sorts, Fif did respond and basically made it seem like he is just trying to reconcile Floyd with his sister Fanny, who according to reports has not talked to in a very long time.

While yes, with 50 sometimes he can be up to something and just play nice, but this situation really doesn’t seem like that.

Check the gallery! What you guys think?

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Joe Casey