Posted December 15, 2014 by DinawitaySL in Sports

Boxing: Pacquiao Responds To Cinco De Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather finally said what we all have been waiting for him to say…he wants to fight Manny and they should give us what we want. He even gave a specific date…May 2…calling the fight Cinco de Mayweather. Cute. Well, Manny has some thoughts.

“He has reached a dead end. He has nowhere to run but to fight me. I will try my best to make this a thrilling and entertaining fight. But I doubt if he’s gonna engage me in a slugfest. You all know his fighting style. Most of his previous fights, if not all, induced us to sleep.”
“Mayweather can get the amount he wants. As early as January this year, I challenged him to a charity fight. Until now, he has not agreed to it. So, money is not the issue in our fight. This fight is about legacy, this is about making the fans happy and, above all, this is for the good of boxing.”

Drug testing…money…split…we don’t care. We just want to see the fight. Come on yall!!!

Source:USA Today