Posted December 7, 2014 by DinawitaySL in Sports

Boxing: Another Win For Floyd


The undisputed champ, Floyd Mayweather just came through with another win. This time, it was against a venue in New Orleans though…

In early 2013, The Wine Bar in Downtown New Orleans distributed flyers that claimed that Floyd and The Money Team would be hosting a Superbowl party there. Turns out it wasn’t true. Mr. Moneybags was pissed because not only did he feel used, but he felt that his fans would be annoyed that he wasn’t there; thinking he was a no-show. What else could he do but sue the venue?

Well, he won the court case for a whopping $2,250! Seems that it was clearly about the principle of the matter. Hopefully this will set a precedent and no other venues will use folks’ celebrity to promote their businesses sans consent.

Chalk one up for the big little guy!