Posted December 7, 2014 by TheCommishSL in News

Another Unarmed Black Man Shot And Killed By Police


A man in Arizona was shot and killed by a cop. Not again! This time cops got a tip from a caller that someone in a black Cadillac SUV was selling drugs. The officers began after the suspect, who took off in the car went, and to his girlfriends house to hide out. The officers fallowed and a physical encounter ensued.

During the altercation a cop felt what he thought was the butt of a gun in pant’s pocket, the officer didn’t hesitate he fired two shots into Brisbon’s torso killing him on sight. Turned out Rumain was unarmed and it was a pill bottle in his pocket. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this mans family and loved ones. Watch the video and see his mother express herself about what happened to her son.