Posted November 3, 2014 by SanojdoeSL in Social Media

(Video+Photos) What!! Tamar Braxton Responds To Chris Brown Instagram Rant And Chris Brown Replies Back ASAP

Wow what a eventful day it has turned out to become. Today on the show “The Real” co host Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton addressed the topic of Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran relationship. The two co host went in expressing that they believe the reason Karreuche deals with Chris cheating is because her and her friends enjoy the fame.
Chris Brown did not like that. He had to let them know how he felt! As mentioned in a earlier post Chris Brown is not with nothing. He uploaded a pic of Adrienne to his Instagram page, and wrote a paragraph long diss caption targeting the two. Tamar caught light to what was said about her, and uploaded a little response of her own. In the response Tamar was informing Chris and Karreuche that no one was coming at them but using their relationship as an example of things that females go through in a relationship. She adds

“I do not know nor do I give a hot damn about your relationship personally…. honestly and respectfully I’m VERY sorry if you BOTH were offended about our girl chat…. “

Chris Brown seen Tamar response, and did a litte of additional venting himself. Chris posted a video expressing that

“Everbody entitled to their opinion, im entitled to mine 2 FUCKK YOU MEAN!! Some days you the bug, some days you the windshield. What you drank don’t make me piss”!

OH wow! Verbal Defense at its finest. See the drama unfold in the gallery

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