Posted November 19, 2014 by PeterEboliSL in Sports

(Video) NBA: Nick Young’s “Swag” Helped Lakers’ Capture Their Second Victory Of The Season?!


The Lakers were able to finally capture their second win of the season last night (2-9 record thus far,) as they defeated the Hawks by the five points in Atlanta. You may be wondering what helped the Lakers’ in their winning effort, was it Kobe Bryant’s stellar 28 point performance? Was it that the Lakers out-rebounded the competition (44-38 rebounds)? Or could it have just been Nick Young’s swag rubbing off on the team and providing them with the edge they needed in order to come away from Atlanta with a W? Nick Young believes that the latter of the explanations is the reason the Lakers were victorious last night.

Yesterday’s game marked the return of Nick Young (aka “Swaggy P,”) who had been sidelined with torn ligaments in his thumb. Even though, he wasn’t in the starting rotation, Young was able to score 17 points (including two clutch 3-pointers.) After the game concluded, reporters asked the ecstatic Young what he believed helped propel the Lakers to their second victory of the season and his response was arrogant, yet priceless. “It’s like my swag just rubbed off on everybody. It was unbelievable.” Hopefully there’s enough swag to help the Lakers continue winning in a season that seemed doomed before it even started.