Posted November 11, 2014 by Joe Casey in Sports

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Thinks Justin Bieber Can Do What?

Not sure I am buying this, but Floyd Mayweather seems really convinced Justin Bieber could be a boxer if he focused full time.

As you know, Bieber and Mayweather are tight — and Floyd spent several hours training the pop star at a famous L.A. boxing gym last month.

So someone saw Floyd out over the weekend we had to ask if the had any real potential — and Floyd couldn’t sing his praises enough.

He went far enough to say he can definitely fight at the pro level! I don’t know Floyd, sounds like you just don’t want to diss your friend.

Funny thing at the end of the video when the cameraman asks Floyd what is the stupidest thing he has bought. The answer is great.

Joe Casey @IamJoeSports

Joe Casey