Posted November 20, 2014 by DinawitaySL in Sports

NBA: Nick Young Will Not Be Attending The AMAs with Iggy Azalea This Year, Wonder Why


It’s not what you’re thinking. Were you thinking that he’s scared of Snoop Dogg Lion Dogg aren’t you? Me too. But that’s not it. Keep reading to find out why.

So no, it’s not because of all the Snoop and Iggy drama. Young Nick has a game this Sunday night. Iggy is up for 6 AMAs and will be all alone on the red carpet to shine. It’s ok though. She and he will be returning to their new $3.5M home (formerly owned by Selena Gomez) together.

Honestly, quiet is kept…the Lakers probably won’t need Nick anyway considering their season. They should give him a pass to go support his booky. #IJS

Source: Hollywood Life