Posted November 20, 2014 by LgCherySL in Tech

Apple Might Give Beats Music A Permanent Spot On IOS Home Screen


Apple wants new iPhone owners to install Beats Music with its other apps like Pages, GarageBand, and iMovie. The company is taking it one step further and giving Beats a permanent spot on the iOS home screen. According to the Financial Times is reporting that Apple will add Beats Music to the core iOS operating system with an update due early next year. This move can help boost Beats Music’s struggling subscriber numbers.

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In May, after buying Beats for $3 billion, Apple had hope that the streaming service would had helped to challenge Spotify and other music streaming competitors. Beats Music, iTunes, and iTunes Radio gives Apple customers the option of listening to music any way they choose. Tim Cook even said the streaming app was the reason why the company brought Beats. There are rumors that Beats Music may undergo a rebrand along with the change.

Source: The Verge