Posted October 10, 2014 by PeterEboliSL in Sports

Ohio Inmate Wants To ‘Witness’ King James In Action!

StunnaLife_ Goudlock
StunnaLife_ Goudlock

Jason Goudlock, who is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence in Cleveland, Ohio, for aggravated robbery, recently submitted an interesting request to the Ohio Parole Board.

His next parole hearing is set to take place in late October and he is asking to be released ahead of time, one reason being because he “would truly like to witness in person LeBron James’ pursuit of an NBA championship for my beloved hometown.” Seeing The King in action and potentially lead the Cavaliers to their first NBA title isn’t the sole reason he is seeking to be let out of the slammer years before his expected release date. Goudlock hopes upon his release, he can work with troubled children and help them avoid a life similar to the one he’s led.