Posted October 3, 2014 by LgCherySL in News

No More Buying Stolen Apple Phones


Some people will care and other won’t, but for your sake next time you are planning to buy a new iPhone from Craigslist, Back Page, EBay or another website from a stranger make sure you have Apple’s new app to make sure it’s not stolen. The new app was created part of Find My Phone to let a purchaser know if the owner locked the phone down. In past couple of months hackers had already found a way to get pass the activation lock screen to make the phone seem legit. This caused a couple of cases of buyers getting blocked by Apple because the phone was stolen.


So before you buy the phone make sure that you have the IMEI, or the serial number ready to punch in, and the app will tell if it’s locked down or ready for a new Apple ID. If you didn’t, which some people don’t, Apple users can sync all their devices with their Apple ID. So in the event that one device is missing or stolen it is easy to find, and the company make sure to block any activity. This new app was created to help people who buying an iPhone from a strange to verify if it’s legitimate. So please don’t get caught by people trying to take advantage of you.

Source: Tech Crunch